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New Omega Mobile Mining 2023 similarities to PI mining. Claim 20 Omega Coins Today for Free!!! Join, Start Mining new!

Omega Mobile Mining 2023

I am sending you FREE 20 OMEGA Coin. Omeg is a new digital currency Mobile Mining similar to PI Network.
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Omega Coin alternative currency similar to PI Network. Cryptocurrency (or crypto, digital currency)

OMEGA Mobile Mining Free Mine

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Omega Network is committed to using blockchain technology to establish an open internet platform and an ecosystem of Dapps (decentralized applications). We will gradually introduce applications of Blockcha in to life, such as blockchain social networks, e-commerce, Web3, and e-wallet. Our ultimate goal is Omega coin to become an immortal coin and contributes to the value chain of the Omega Network platform.

OMEGA NETWORK mining app

  • A New Digital Currency like Pi Network
  • Total Supply : 970 million omega Coin
  • White paper will be released on 15 Jan 2023
  • Easy to use and save energy.
  • Lightweight (Mining bitcoin is hard and expensive but OM is not)
  • Decentralized (OM is an ever-expanding ecosystem of blockchain, built for a decentralized future)
  • Stellar blockchain; ERC20; BEP20
  • KYC approval start time: December 2023
  • Downloaded on iOS and Android

Omega Free Mobile Mining 2023

The Future Of Cryptocurrency

Easy manage mining on your phone, start mining cryptocurrency today with our free.

OM makes the crypto mining easier by using a breakthrough tech that allows you to manage it on your phone.

Omega Network was created at the end of 2022. 2023, with Omega Network. At the end of 2023, kyc begins.

Omega Network is registered as a Private Limited Company in the United Kingdom. Find out more information:
James Brown (JB) is the Founder and CEO of Omega Network. He will appear in public when Omega Network enters the mainnet phase. how to apply kyc omega, how to apply kyc pi, kyc.pi, pi kyc

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If the users do KYC successfully, they will get more benefits.

• From the 15th day (from the successful KYC date), the number of coins mined after the KYC date will be distributed immediately to the main wallet. • From the 15th day (from the date of successful KYC), the amount of mined coins before the KYC date will gradually distribute to the main wallet. The number of payments coins reaches 5%/month of the total available balance. By the 18th month, the remaining balance will pay off. • Receive 100% system commission from subordinates to the main wallet.

Time to submit documents to KYC: Fourth quarter of 2023. We will unlock the “Send KYC Request” button in users’ accounts in the third quarter of 2023. Users will receive a notification if KYC is accepted. Please calmly wait for your turn.
KYC approval start time: December 2023

KYC Document Required: • From December 1st, 2023 August 15th, 2024: only Passports are accepted. • After August 15th, 2024: we will accept additional documents such as ID and drivers license but will require additional bills to pay electricity and water bills.

Conditions for successful KYC: • Participate in OM mining for more than 30 days. • Account is participating in mining • Personal information matches the documents used for KYC (Currently, we haven’t updated the personal information section on the app. Please wait patiently). • Submitted KYC request on the App (KYC request button will be updated in the third quarter of 2023).

Performing KYC After receiving the KYC application, we will suddenly send a notice asking you to provide us with your information within 30 minutes. • If you meet the requirements, then congratulations on your successful KYC. • Results will be sent to you in 1 to 3 days. Your account will automatically switch to the successful KYC status. pi mainnet launch date, omega mainnet launch date

How to use Omega Network Mobile Mining

Register, use invite code “ adozuma “ to receive 20 OM

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